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Classic eyelash extensions in Southwold

Russian eyelash extensions in Southwold

Classic lashes

Classic lashes are one eyelash extension applied to one natural eyelash. Various styles and curls can be used to create the look you’re after. If you don’t have many natural lashes & want fullness then Russian volume lashes may be more suitable.Infills are usually 30 mins every 2 weeks.

Russian Volume Lashes

Volume is created by fanning lash extensions to create fullness. The fans are handmade & the number refers to how many lashes are in a fan. Because of the fullness infills don't have to be as frequent. Eg. 1 hour every 3-4 weeks.

3/4D medium volume

These are the most popular Russian sets I do. Fans made of 3/4 lashes are used.

5/6D full volume

Natural lashes need to be healthy and strong to hold this style as the more lashes used (5/6 in a fan) means more weight per natural lash.

Hybrid sets

Hybrid sets are made of 3/4D volume fans with classic lashes added throughout. This can give a spiky 'Kim K' look if required.



I also provide lash & brow tinting/waxing, facial & underarm waxing.

Russian lashes southwold
Russian eyelash extensions in Southwold
Classic lashes southwold

Classic eyelash extensions in Southwold


Classic Lashes

Hybrid Lashes

3D/4D Russian Volume Set

5D/6D Russian Volume Set

Brow Tint

Brow Wax

Brow Threading

Brow Tint & Wax/Threading

Lash Tint

Lash Tint, Brow Tint & Wax/Threading

Lip or Chin Wax/Threading

Lip and Chin Wax/Threading

Underarm Wax

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Can I have any lashes I want?

Not always, no. I will not use lengths widths/thicknesses that will damage your natural lash. When long extensions are applied to short natural lashes they cannot hold the extension and they will not last or the natural lash will be damaged by trying to hold up a heavy extension.
The consultation/patch test before every first appointment is a chance to discuss what style and length you would like. This can also be changed at infills if you decide you want slightly longer or shorter lashes, we can gradually infill with those.
I may not use what your previous lash lady did, but that’s because I will use what I believe is safe judging by the natural lash health & what you want. This is why I also will not infill others work-I will remove first so I can see the natural lashes and do new set of extensions.

I've had lash extensions/tinting before, do I need a patch test?

I insist on patch testing for the safety of your eyes & face. If you don't want a patch test I cannot treat you. It is irrelevant if you’ve had a patch test elsewhere as sensitivities and reactions can develop over time and all products are different. I will re-patch test previous clients if a year has passed without any treatment being done.

Lash extension aftercare

~Please use your brush daily to straighten the appearance of lashes, remove dust & help any fallen tangled lashes come away. ~Avoid steamy environments/sauna for 24 hours after a full set/infill. The lash glue is dry but still “curing” steam will weaken the glue bond. ~You can wear make up as usual but be careful around the lashes do not put mascara on extensions & avoid liquid eyeliner, it can stick lashes together/may contain oil. When removing make up, use oil free products (micellar water is not oil free). I retail oil free make up remover. ~To care for your lashes fully I recommend a lash cleansing kit which I retail. ~If you would like to enhance your lower lashes I do offer a “lower lash tint” (patch test required) as an add on service with any full set/infill. This is £5. ~In the first 24/48 hours you may notice a few lashes come out from each eye, this is normal & you will notice it more because your natural lashes now have an extension attached to them. If they were about to drop and at the end of their growing stage, the little extra weight from the extension will make them drop. ~If your lashes get wet gently dab them with a towel, do not wipe as the towel fibres may snag your lashes. Getting lashes wet doesn’t ruin them! Moisture with heat will make them come out quicker, especially within 24 hours of a full set/infill. ~If you decide you don’t want your lashes any more you can let them grow out (4+weeks) or have them removed by a lash technician. Please do not try to remove them yourself, this will not only damage your own natural lashes, it’s also extremely painful. There is nothing you can use to take them off at home safely. ~Avoid oil based face/eye creams, go around the eye area with creams as they do travel & getting too close to the lashes can mean that the oils will break down the glue. ~Lashes shed naturally and this will be when you feel you need infills. It’s normal to lose 2/3 lashes a day so after 1 week you may of lost 21 lashes, 2 weeks 42 lashes and by the 3rd week 63 lashes. (Volume lashes cover gaps for longer periods) ~Natural lash shed- this is when your natural lashes may seem to be coming out more than usual, this is a natural cycle and you may notice it when seasons change e.g. “The spring/autumn lash shed” ~When booking infills please note there needs to be at least 25% of extensions remaining to be an infill, this is after removal of grown out extensions. Anything less than this will be charged as a full set/a full set will need to be booked if there’s not enough time.

How often do I need infills?

Hybrid & 3D-6D infills are usually required around 3-5 weeks after a full set for an hour. Classic infills are usually required around 2 weeks for 30mins. This is an average and I can advise further when I see your natural lashes.

With any lash style there needs to be at least 25% of lashes remaining to be an infill, if you have less you’ll need to book a full set.

Please arrive to your appointments with clean lashes.

Dermaplaning Facial - £45

Dermaplaning is a non invasive painless facial treatment that exfoliates the skin of dead keratinised cells, removes makeup and fine vellus hairs (aka peach fuzz) that trap oil and dirt which can lead to breakouts!

Dermaplaning is a suitable treatment to have as a one off or monthly to allow skin to regenerate and maintain.

Dermaplaning Southwold
Dermaplaning Reydon

The benefits of dermaplaning are:

• Improved cell renewal resulting in overall improved skin texture and tone.
• Skincare products absorb quicker & more effectively.
• pigmentation reduction.
• Elasticity, muscle tone & collagen are stimulated.
• Smoother application & appearance of makeup
• Smoother skin.
• Congested skin, open pores, milia or blackheads are removed/lessened.
• Reduces appearance of scarring.

Dermaplaning offers instant visible results!

There is no discomfort during treatment and you can carry on your day in the usual way.

The Caviar Peel Dermaplane - £55

The Caviar Peel was invented as some chemical peels can be too harsh on the skin after dermaplaning. The products are used after the dermaplaning treatment to regenerate skin & speed up production of collagen thus reducing appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, blemishes and increasing firmness to promote anti-aging.

Skin peel southwold
Facial in southwold

The Caviar Peel was invented as some chemical peels can be too harsh on the skin after dermaplaning. The products are used after the dermaplaning treatment to regenerate skin & speed up production of collagen thus reducing appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, blemishes and increasing firmness to promote anti-aging.

The Caviar Peel is a PHA (polyhydroxy Acid) peel also known as “no peel peel” as it is as effective as a BHA/AHA peel but causes less irritation. The advanced testing in PHA shows these products are compatible with clinically sensitive skin including eczema, rosacea & dermatitis and increases hydration by 50% whilst decreasing outbreaks of acne and psoriasis. Just some of the key effective ingredients within these products are retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, enzymes and Caviar extract that in particular speeds up collagen production by 67%. They contain vitamins and minerals to nourish and reduce signs of ageing so highly recommended for aged/wrinkled skin.