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8 Point Face Lift and Liquid Face Lift in Southwold

Full facial rejuvenation treatment

The 8 Point Face Lift or Liquid Face Lift is a full face rejuvenation technique created by Dr Mauricio de Maio using specific injection points called MD Codes. There are over 30 MD Codes but we most commonly use around 8 on each side of the face which are customised to each client and their personal needs.

Small amounts of filler are used in the strategic injection points which give amazing lifted and rejuvenated results, holistically.

This means we are not treating areas in the standard way, like using for example one ml in either side of the cheek, because the treatment is an overall plan and bespokely designed it gives an outstanding full face result. 

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8 Point Face Lift in Southwold

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Liquid Face Lift in Southwold

The main objective with the 8 point lift is to give clients targeted volumising and lifting aimed at the mid and lower face. 

This means the treatment is most appropriate for clients over 40 years of age.

The brow lift using filler is offered as a stand alone treatment for any age client, and is included in the 8 Point Lift treatment.


The 8 point face lift can improve many areas of concern including:

-Saggy appearance of the skin

-Loss of volume

-Sad/angry appearance

-Genetic ageing

-Tired appearance


The treatment delivers natural refreshed results for both men and women.



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Eyebrow lift in Southwold


8 Point Face Lift

Brow Lift



Dermal Filler Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

Around 1 hour





Risk & Complications

Swelling, bruising

Full Result

14 Days

Duration of Results

12-18 Months+

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