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Lip Filler in Southwold

Lip filler and Russian lips in Southwold

Lip Filler is chosen for its viscosity to enhance the lip body giving a fuller, plumped look.
One of the most popular enhancements are lip fillers. Lips can be very subtly changed and are buildable so over time you may require more treatment or for example have half ml once a year to maintain the desired look.

For your first lip filler treatment it is recommended to have 1ml, often clients are unsure and think 0.5ml will be better to "try" lip filler, but in previously unfilled lips it will create a very subtle change and it is probable you will not see your desired result & will want more.

After having your first 1ml if you do require more filler for your desired look and plan to build your lips it is better to leave them for 4 weeks before having another 1ml. This is because filling lips quickly over a short space of time can increase the chances of migration (where filler moves out of the lip area).

Consultations are carried out at the time of treatment for lip filler as the treatment is suitable for almost everyone.


1 ml lip filler in Southwold


1 ml lip filler in Southwold


Lips 0.5ml

Lips 1ml

Lips dissolving (elective)




Lip Filler Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

Under 1 hour




From £150

Risk & Complications

Swelling, bruising

Full Result

14 Days

Duration of Results

12 Months+

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