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Bio Armouring in Southwold

Skin Bio Armouring in Southwold

Bio Armouring is a revolutionary aesthetic treatment for the face and neck where clients are concerned about jowls and skin laxity.
Deemed "liquid threads" Bio armouring uses a dense hybrid filler containing Hydroxyapatite of calcium offering other benefits alongside lifting.

The product is placed in a specific technique, imitating lifting similar to threads, creating volume and structure, as well as producing collagen, firming and elasticating over time as threads also do. The product also acts similarly to bio revitalisers, improving skin texture on the outside as well as working from the inside. 

All these benefits are achieved in 1 single treatment. 

Due to these benefits and zero downtime with very low chance of bruising I have replaced my cog thread service with Bio Armouring.

I am still offering Mono Threads for deep skin creases in small areas of the face (see the Skin Treatments page for more info on those)

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Bio Armouring in Southwold

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bio armouring.JPG

Liquid Threads for the face and neck in Southwold

The bio armouring procedure is extremely safe and pain free with no serious risks or complications, bruising and swelling is unlikely due to the skin layer we work in for this treatment & pre numbing is not required.

The product shows instant results with full results showing around 3/4 months due to the calcium agent, lasting up to 12 months in the skin and continuing to create the renewed effect. Immediately you will see contour and structure. 
We recommend treatment once a year, this can be for the face or neck, or both.

Widely used in Russia, Doctors love this treatment as it imitates threads so well which clients are not favourable to due to the downtime and bruising. 


Bio Armouring Face OR Neck 

Bio Armouring Face & Neck



PDO Threads Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

Around 1 hour


None required


£400 - £580

Risk & Complications

unlikely to have swelling & bruising

Full Result

3-4 months post treatment

Duration of Results

1 year

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