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Advanced Dermal Fillers
in Southwold

Facial filler and dermal filler in Southwold

Dermal filler is a gel like product containing hyaluronic acid which our bodies naturally produce, as we get older we produce less HA resulting in loss of volume and deep creases. Filler can then be used to shape, rejuvenate and contour facial areas adding volume and a youthful look back to the face.


Treatment areas enhanced with filler include cheeks, jaw, chin, nasolabial & marionette lines, these with lips can all be part of the contour packages I offer so you can have a few areas done priced by ml which is better value for money rather than charging per area, where costs can add up quickly.

Clients like to have cheek and jaw filler to define and contour the face, to give more shape or to lift sagging areas due to ageing. Cheeks are an especially effective area to help lift and reduce nasolabial lines (nose to mouth) and the cheek bone can be enhanced to give more contour, or the apples of the cheeks are great for clients with loss of volume mid-face. Jaw is great to define and reduce jowls along the jawline and filler placed at the mandible corner helps shorten a longer face when looking face on and defines from the side profile.

I always advise on a consultation what I think would look good aesthetically and how many mls this would require as you may need filler in other areas to get the best result overall. You then have a clear idea of what treatment would be best and the cost.

Clients often ask if they will swell or get bruising, this is hard to say as everyone reacts differently though it is probable you will get swelling when having filler but not everyone bruises.

Consultations are carried out at the time of treatment or you can book a separate consultation if you would like to discuss your requirements before making any decisions.

jaw filler 3ml.JPG

Jawline filler in Southwold

cheeks and jaw filler

Jaw and Cheek filler in Southwold

Prices & Packages

Cheek Contouring

Chin Augmentation

Jawline Shaping (2-4ml)

The below packages can be for combinations of lips, cheeks, jaw, chin, nasolabial folds or marionettes lines.

For any additions mls, add £100:









Filler dissolving






from £150

  • Will it be painful?
    I always use numbing cream prior to treatment and the filler I use also contains Lidocaine which is the numbing agent which works quickly in the area. Some facial areas are more sensitive and these will be numbed with Lidocaine separately.
  • How can I prepare for the treament?
    Please avoid blood thinning medication for 7 days before treatment. Do not stop prescribed medication for cardiovascular disease. Do not have any important events planned for 2 weeks incase of bruising. Avoid any aggressive facial treatments including AHA peels, waxing, tweezing or hair removal cream on the area 3 days before treatment. If you are unwell or have any active infection (ear/nose/throat/dental abcess etc) by the time of your apoointment, please rearrange your booking as these can result in delayed complications. Please avoid alcohol & coffee 24 hours prior to treatment as it can heighten the chances of bruising, swelling & bleeding. You can take Arnica pillules in the run up to your appointment to help reduce bruising. Please have something to eat and drink before treatment.
  • How long does the treatment last?
    PDO Mono Threads last in the skin around 3-4 months as they are gradually breaking down and being absorbed by the body. The after effects are increased collagen and elastin in the areas that the threads are placed.
  • What is the aftercare?
    ~To reduce swelling apply a cold compress regularly you can also take an antihistamine. You can carry on your day as normal. ~Please bear in mind threads are extremely likely to noticeably bruise, this bruising can last 4 weeks on some occasions. ~Avoid extreme temperatures of hot & cold for 48hrs. eg. sunbeds/saunas. ~Avoid heavy exercise for 48 hours. ~Apply arnica cream 4 times a day, as needed. ~Light makeup may be worn 6 hrs post treatment, but do avoid rubbing/touching the area.
Dermal Filler Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

Under 1 hour




From £180

Risk & Complications

Swelling, bruising

Full Result

14 Days

Duration of Results

12 Months+

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