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Skin Treatments Southwold

Skin Biorevitalizer in Southwold

Skin biorevitalisers rehydrate, improve texture and brighten the skin.

I use Toskani HA3 (TKN) for my clients to give the best result for various areas of concern.

The product is injected in a mesotherapy way, with a tiny 4mm needle. We can treat face, neck, hands & stomach areas where skin has lost elasticity and needs redensifying. Made of pure hyaluronic acid, it is not a filler but can give a filling effect by bringing hydration and glow back to the skin.

The benefits TKN HA3 can give to your skin are:

- Skin tissue revitalisation

- Softening facial creases

- Increases skin elasticity 

- Enhances radiance

- Reduces wrinkles

- Hydro-balance restoration 

TKN HA3 is not an alternative to Botox, but can help with the anti ageing process and plumping wrinkles.

Treatments can be repeated in as little as 2 weeks, depending on the clients needs and desired outcome. On the initial treatment I can advise if further sessions will be required, and these can be pre booked at a discounted rate. As standard protocol you could have the treatment once a month for 2 months and then every 6 months. 

Initially there can be some redness, but results can be seen in a few hours when this settles down.

TKN Biorevitaliser after 1 stomach treatment

phonto 2.jpg

TKN treatment Southwold


TKN HA3 1 treatment

TKN HA3 Course of 2 treatments

TKN HA3 Course of 3 treatments




TKN HA3 Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

30 mins


None required



Risk & Complications

Occasional light bruising

Full Result

3-7 Days

Duration of Results

3-6 Months

PDO Threads in Southwold

PDO Threads are made from soluble Polydioxanone, a material used surgically for many years. PDO stimulates collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin so threads are placed strategically where needed, in the areas of creased skin.

Most commonly mono threads are used in areas needing a collagen boost, these are 'smooth' tiny threads that can be used anywhere on the face and neck. They dissolve over 3-4 months, continuing to build collagen and elastin over a year period. More threads can be added as and when. They are a quick treatment and minimally invasive with minimum pain and carry no side effects or risks.

Results can be seen initially with ongoing effects becoming apparent over time. There is no specific age to have threads, they can be used on anyone needing a boost of collagen in certain areas.


Threads also compliment other aesthetic treatments such as Botox and filler so you have a complete treatment plan. The amount and types of threads used vary for every client and their personal desired outcome.



PDO Mono Threads from

PDO Threads Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

Under 1 hour




From £150

Risk & Complications

Swelling, bruising

Full Result

3-4 months post treatment

Duration of Results

Around 1 year

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