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Body Treatments in Southwold

DMAE Muscle Toning For Body & Face

DMAE (pronounced Demyer) is not a new treatment, but it is lesser known and VERY underestimated for its lifting properties which effect the receptors of fibroblasts and stimulates muscle contractions.

The product is injected into the muscles of certain areas to create a toning and tightening effect that works immediately before your eyes and progressively over 7 days and subsequent sessions. For this muscle toning effect we commonly inject for a facial lift (see photo on the right) buttocks (photo below), and stomach for abs tightening.

We can also use DMAE as a mesotherapy treatment on the face to lift and improve skin laxity around the facial areas. We can address the following

Brow Lift & hooded eyelid

Nasolabial Folds

Jawline contouring

lifting heavy cheek

Crows feet

Correcting skin laxity of the neck & decolletage zones

As seen in the photos the effect is immediate with ongoing results seen in a course of treatments. 

Sessions: 3-6 sessions weekly are recommended for lasting results, so plan about 6 weeks minimum before a holiday!


Muscle Toning treatment in Southwold.
As you look at these photos you can see how DMAE activates as I treated this clients right side of her face before the left, this shows the lifting starting to activate compared to the other side.



1 ml lip filler in Southwold




DMAE Mesotherapy (per area)




DMAE Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

Under 1 hour


Inside product


From £100

Risk & Complications

Swelling, bruising

Full Result

immediate-7 days

Duration of Results

3 Months

Fat Dissolving

Fat Dissolving in Southwold

Fat dissolving treatment is carried out by way of direct injection into the fat layer in the area or concern. We can treat the following areas:

Double chin

"Love handles"

Stomach rolls

Any body area that is fatty & creating a roll.

Fat Dissolving can be paired with DMAE treatment, wether in the same area or not eg. fat dissolving in stomach, then DMAE for stomach muscle toning.

I am using a natural substance that is 100% safe, this injected directly into the fat layer breaks down the fatty tissue which is then naturally flushed from the system. It is very important to drink a lot of water after treatment as this helps the product to work fully and quicker in flushing it from the body. The treatment is painless and quick so numbing is not required.

*This treatment will not work on obese people or those with a very high BMI. A healthy diet must be followed to maintain the results.

Sessions: 4/6/8 sessions weekly are recommended.

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