Botox & Anti-Wrinkle Injections
in Southwold

Botox and Anti-Wrinkle in Southwold

Anti-wrinkle treatments are effective in diminishing signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, overall giving a smoother complexion. It is best to start treatment earlier in life from late twenties onwards, as a preventative measure.
Leaving treatment until you have established lines makes them harder to treat and it is not always possible with static lines (those that are there even without movement)


Anti-wrinkle treatments use a type of toxin that is derived from bacteria which is then purified to be safe to administer in small doses. It has been used since the late 1960s with definitive results in treating muscle activity in the face and other areas.

The toxin works by breaking the action between the muscle cell and motor terminal, which is telling us to move our muscles. Eg. Frowning/raising eyebrows etc.


Muscles are only able to contract or pull, this means they have to work in groups and never work alone when carrying out an action. Because of this and having completed advanced Botox training, it is now my standard practice to treat all three areas of the upper face. I will also treat areas of the lower face if needed. This allows for full face rejuvenation for everyone as part of the service, at no extra cost.


The areas I can offer as standard treatment are:

Forehead, Frown lines, Crows feet, Downturned mouth, Dimpled chin, Gummy smile, Lip flip, Bunny lines, Jowl tightening, Perioral rhytides (smokers lines)


Areas of separate cost are:

Hyperhydrosis for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating. Masseter is treated on medical basis only such as for teeth grinding/bruxism, and not for facial slimming.

Mesotoxin, a mixture of toxin and hyaluronic acid is used to treat Acne and Rosacea due to the toxin calming the skin and HA rejuvenating.

Scar tissue may also be treated while scarring is fresh and red, even keloid scarring can be treated for improved healing. By relaxing on and around the scar, the tissue is relieved and skin is not as tight.

botox in southwold

Botox in Southwold

anti wrinkle southwold

Anti-wrinkle injections in Southwold


Full toxin treatment: Forehead, Frown & crows feet.

Including further treatment to the following where required: Downturned mouth, Dimpled chin, Gummy smile, Lip flip, Bunny lines, Jowl tightening, Perioral rhytides (smokers lines)

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive underarm sweating)

Masseter (Bruxism)

Mesotoxin (Acne and Rosacea treatment) 

Scar tissue treatment







How long do results last?

Results are different depending on the individual; but can range in longevity of 3-6 months. If you "build" on your treatment and have it regularly you will find it works better.
Each time you are treated the results can take 2 weeks to settle in.

Does the treatment hurt?

Anti-wrinkle is not a painful procedure, it does not even make your eyes water. Most clients would give it a pain level of 2/10. Some areas are more sensitive than others, at most it may feel like a slight sting as the priduct is injected.

What to do before and after treatment

Before treatment:
·Do not take blood thinning tablets for 2 weeks before treatment.
·No alcohol at least 48hours before.
·No Vitamin A/Retinol creams 2 days before/after.
·If you may have your nasalis treated (bunny lines) & wear glasses, please bring contact lenses to wear if you’re driving home, s it is best not to have glasses resting on the area.

·Do not touch the injection points or apply make up for 24hours.
·No alcohol for 48hours.
·No exercise for 2 weeks (heavy/aerobic that causes sweating).
·Do not move the muscles in the treated areas.
·Avoid hot/steam/bath/sauna for 2 weeks.
·Do not use sunbed/avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks.
·Do not have facials or use retinol for 2 weeks.
·Do not lie flat for 4 hours or bend forward.
·Drink lots of water.
·Your result will become apparent within 3-16 days and last 3-4 months, it is recommended to have another treatment before Botox has totally worn off so that you’re gradually building the results and need less frequent treatments in the long run.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

30 mins


None required



Risk & Complications

Occasional bruising

Full Result

10-14 Days

Duration of Results

3-6 Months